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    Bad display of percentages when representing a scientific notation number



      Bad display of percentages when representing a scientific notation number & and CR


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      MacOS 10.10.1

      Description of the issue

      If a field contains number represented in scientific notation AND the number is followed by a carriage return, e.g. 1.965311e-10CR, where CR is a carriage return, then the number is shown in a field as 196.531% when the field is set to display the number as a percentage and with 3 decimal points.

      This only happens when the number is followed by a CR.

      I believe in the example above that the field should display 0.000%
      This is because a number not expressed in scientific notation AND followed by a CR displays correctly as a percentage.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Create a number field and set its value to this: 1.965311e-10CR (where CR is a carriage return)

      Display the number in a field as a percentage, only showing the first three decimal places

      Expected result


      Actual result

      You see an incorrect number! = 196.531110000000%

      Also note the extra "1" before the string of zeros... probably from the "e-10".
      Whatever, its behaviour that is not consistent with the processing of other numbers with a following CR (which is simply ignored)

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      No error message

      Configuration information

      Have only included 1 plug-in = BaseElements.  Everything else is as standard as possible.


      Easy enough:
      If using scientific notation...
      - Ensure that there is no following CR and
      - Force a rounding to less than 10 significant digits before storing the field.