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Bad Install CD

Question asked by falcogeorge on Jul 10, 2009
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Bad Install CD

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So I just made the mistake of buying Filemaker 10 Pro through Apple online.. the box arrived in reasonable time but the install disk is bad.. I put it in.. it cluncks and whirs a bit and my Mac (Latest Intel iMac) spits it right out  again.So I go to our local (new zealand) support page.. ring the number.. nobody answers..Try to find an email address.. there isn't one.So I try to register the product in the hope that it may give me email addresses I can use to get support. The internet registration page doesn't even list Filemaker Pro 10.. the highest it goes up to is 8.5 .. so I select other.. then try to type in my registration code and it only accepts numbers.Is this some nightmare or what.Is Filemaker for real or have I been duped into buying some cheap crap that doesn't support what they sell?I suspect I've wasted my money.. Apple say that since they don't produce the product I can only get support direct from Filemaker.. what a rip off.