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Bad Script Export Format After Conversion

Question asked by hschlossberg on Jun 12, 2009
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Bad Script Export Format After Conversion

Description of the issue

Converted a file from FM6 to FM10.  One of the file's scripts included an Export Records step set to export in DBF format.  Converted script DISPLAYS that it is now exporting in tab-delimited format, which is fine since FM10 doesn't have DBF capabilities.  Iknew full well that DBF no longer existed, which is why I rewrote thescript to use tab-delim.   Problem is that even though the script step shows that it is using tab-delim format, the step errors when run (error #800).  After struggling with it for an hour, I found the required work-around is to set the step to another format, save it, then reset it to tab-delim.  Problem was that I hadn't previously thought to reset the script'sexport file format as TAB since it already APPEARED to be set to TAB. Silly me.  Now we all know....though I would still consider this to be a conversion bug.  It should either not display any format or it should work as the format it says it is.