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      batch Sendmail

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      Hello, I am trying to setup a batch process to perform a Sendmail.  I thought I would use the admin console to run a script every hour checking a queue, if records exists, I want to send emails using the email address in the records.  When I executed the process I get the following error: "... Error 643 TLC Production SRVR.local Schedule "Test Sendmail" aborted; unsupported script step."  I can't find the error code and I am assuming I must be using the wrong process for this task.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I may accomplish this task? Thank you, Kim  :) 

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          Thank you for your post.


          There are certain script steps not available from the server.  If you edit your script, you will notice in the bottom left corner a pop-up next to "Show Compatibility".  Select "Server", and you will see the script steps available to you.  If you are using FileMaker Pro 10, the Send Mail is available, but not through the Email client; only through SMTP server.  Since your error message states "unsupported script step", I am assuming you have the Send Mail script step set for Email client.  If you are using FileMaker Pro 9 or earlier, the Send Mail script step is not available for Server.



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            Thank you for the response.


            I am using FileMaker Pro 9.  There is no "Show Compatibly" but I do see "Indicate web compatibly" and see how this option displays which scripts are available for the web, thank you, this is nice to know.


            Also, I am sending email through SMTP but I will assume the limitation is because of the version of FileMaker Pro 9 I am using.  I guess I will have to wait until we upgrade to FileMaker Pro 10.


            Thank you for your time and consideration.


            EKM12  :)