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    bento 3 won't open.



      bento 3 won't open.

      Description of the issue

      Have tried to load bento 3 app.  product update message came up, but when I request update i get the following message: "Can't make a temporary directory for the update download at /var/folders/b5/b5gZk58pHRaNez6uWt0PeE+++TI/-Tmp-/Bento 10824 Update" Also bento 3.02 will not load at all - which is potentially devasting. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          It appears something is wrong with the download.  Please download Bento 3.03 from our web site again at:




          If you continue to have the problem after installation, create a new user account, log into that account and launch Bento.  Do you still get the same message?


          Check your account privileges, and make sure the user account Library folder is set for read and write.


          In the future, since this is the FileMaker Pro forum, you may want to post on the Bento forum at forums.filemaker.com



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