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    bento 4 with mac 10.9.4



      bento 4 with mac 10.9.4


      screwn u

      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      does not work with this os

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      give us an upgrade. i understand bento has been discontinued. i just spent good money on this software that is not supported by my os version. i have called apple tech and filemaker tech and nobody would help me. i was excited about this software, and totally let down. i have owned filemaker many years ago and loved it, however i am not in a financial position to spend that kind of money. i am an apple fan boy and have been for 25 years. i am looking for a db just like bento and am totally disappointed that you have not even come up with an alternative. i can not afford $300 for file maker!

      I would really love a response.


      michael dumrauf

      ps. i don't know if this will help but my last case# 643088783

      Expected result

      response, hopefully a resolution

      Configuration information

      macbook air os 10.9.4
      Serial Number  C02DV9LDDDR1

      Model Name:     MacBook Air
        Model Identifier:     MacBookAir3,2
        Processor Name:     Intel Core 2 Duo
        Processor Speed:     1.86 GHz
        Number of Processors:     1
        Total Number of Cores:     2
        L2 Cache:     6 MB
        Memory:     2 GB
        Bus Speed:     1.07 GHz
        Boot ROM Version:     MBA31.0061.B07
        SMC Version (system):     1.66f61
        Serial Number (system):     C02DV9LDDDR1
        Hardware UUID:     A7771E6D-28D3-529B-B7F8-887C5F1A2D7A

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          Markus Schneider

               I'm afraid, You're out of luck

               There is a Bento-section in the forums - but there might be no desired answer as well..

               I personally was never happy with bento because of the missing integration with FileMaker Pro. The integration into OSX (AddressBook, etc) was cool - but could no longer be done with newer releases, AFAIK.

               Converting bento data into other DB's was (and still is) a nightmare (related data, photos, bento-lists, etc), integrating the photo-lib into bento duplicates the images, etc. As bento appeared, it seem to be very cool - but somehow it was not possible to maintain. R.I.P.

               You might try to find a FM11 (or newer) version on ebay (don't get any older version!) - but since FM11 isn't officially supported anymore (it runs quite well on current OSX), chances are good, that You'll find Yourself at the same point next year or so. And converting Your bento sources will need work..

               It's a pitty for bento users without budget )-:

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            Markus Schneider

                 Just realized that there is no longer a 'bento' - section in the forums. Sorry for mention this in the post before

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                   Michael Dumrauf:


                   Thank you for the post. 


              FileMaker stopped offering Bento Sept. 30, 2013


                   Support for Bento is through the Bento Forum archive:


              The Bento Forum


                   For a full list of operating systems tested for Bento 4 review the following knowledge base article:


              System Requirement for Bento 4

              What are the system requirements for Bento 4?



                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                     Michael Dumrauf:

                     Although support for Bento 4 has ceased, I have Bento 4.1.2 running on my Mac OS X 10.9.4 machine.  If you are not running Bento 4.1.2, then download it directly from Knowledge Base Article #11182:


                     Once installed, launch Bento 4.1.2.  Does this work?  If not, what is the error message you are receiving?  Or, what symptoms are you experiencing?

                     FileMaker, Inc.