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    Bento db wan't import into Filmaker 12.



      Bento db wan't import into Filmaker 12.


      FileMaker Pro


      12 (trial) just downloaded.

      Operating system version

      OSX 10.7

      Description of the issue

      When I try the two ways to import my Bento 4.1 database file (bento.bentodb),
      I get the message to "You must have Bento 2 or higher (??) installed on this computer")
      to make this import.
      Of course I have Bento 4.1 which I am using.

      I have a Mac Airbook new model (4/120Gbyte)

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          A review of similar posts here suggest two possible issues to rule out:

          Make sure that the Bento file is not open at the time you attempt to import from Bento.

          Make sure that you have downloaded the most up to date copy of Bento possible.

          If neither of those suggestions resolve the issue, please report back. The other thing I've seen is that updates, to Bento, FileMaker  and/or the Mac OS have been known to break this process--so it may be that an update needs to be released before this will work.

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            I have the most updated one:

            "Bento 4.1.1 is currently the newest version available."

            and Filemaker itself gives you a warning if Bento is still open.


            I am amased that this comes up as an issue, for the most obvous function 

            why I buy Filemaker for a Bento user.. :-)


            And please: will there not be any possibility to access Adress Book and Ical in the next issues?
            With iCloud and shared Apple ID with lists, several of us out here has a kind of shared part of
            the adress book database for customers, calendar etc. The relational data in Bento is superb to
            add to those core data.

            Truls Lie

            Earlier developer/programmer of CRM systems.

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                   I am having this same problem. In Filemaker 12, FM locks up trying to convert a Bento 4.1.2 datasource into a new FM database. Can someone please fix this?

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                     + 1 Same problem.

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                       Truls Lie, Domin Law, and Terry Reis:

                       Thank you for the posts.


                       If possible, I would like to take a look at your files to try the import on my end. Check your inbox at the top of this page for instructions on how to submit your file.


                       FileMaker, Inc.

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                         Many thanks for your quick attention.

                         Now I am back at home I have had a chance to check things through more thoroughly.

                         The Bento file is not one I would be happy sending a copy of, personal data. But I'm not sure it would help, I have tried the import again from my iMac.

                         Filemaker doesn't get as far as letting me choose a file.

                         If I try it from the quick start screen, when the open file menu comes up if I choose Bento as a file type FileMaker immediately crashes, before I have had chance to point to any specific file. No message is displayed it just closes.

                         If I try to import the data into a new or exsisting database, select "import records" from the file menu then select "Bento Data Source" again the program just closes with no message.

                         In either case I have not had an opportunity to select my data file so I don't believe this is the issue here.

                         It appears to be a more fundemental problem (bug) with the program.

                         System Info:

                         iMac 2.7 i5


                         OSX 10.8.2

                         Bento 4.1.2

                         Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced  12.0v3


                         Any help much appeciated,


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                           Terry Reis:

                           Thank you for the reply. 

                           If you do not believe the Bento database file is at fault, that's easy to quickly prove. Quit Bento and navigate to the location of the database file called bento.bentodb. The file is in the user home folder's library/application support/bento folder. The full file path is:

                           ~/library/application support/Bento/bento.bentodb

                           Pull the current bento.bentodb file from that location and onto the desktop. Re-launch and allow Bento to create a new database file. Put some test records into the Projects library created by default and then quit Bento. 

                           Now try to do the import from the File menu by clicking File > Import Records > Bento Data Source...

                           Does FileMaker still crash?


                           FileMaker, Inc.

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                             Ah you may have hit on the root of the problem. I mentioned that the data was sensitive, passwords etc etc.

                             As an extra security measure I placed it elsewhere.

                             Will try putting it back, sounds like Filemaker is looking at the default location and finding nothing there, which for this instance would be the case.

                             Report back shortly.


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                               Problem sorted many thanks.

                               I will get back to my more pressing problem, if you could take a look I would be most obliged.

                               Posted here: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/09552a9186

                               Hopefully we have made a similar numpty mistake.

                               Best regards,


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                                 Terry Reis:

                                 Thank you for letting me know.

                                 I found this documented in the help file under Importing Bento data (Mac OS)

                                 "Before you begin importing Bento data, be sure that the bento.bentodb file is in its default location in your home folder: Library/Application Support/Bento."

                                 However, since I can replicate the same error by following the steps provided and the message displayed is the not relevant to the actual issue, I additionally submitted a report to Development and Testing for review. 

                                 FileMaker, Inc.
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                                   Again many thanks for your help, it nailed the problem for me and now have the records I needed into FileMaker.

                                   Going back to my printing problem, cannot get a thing to print running on Windows 7, work great here with Mac's but on PC's at work nothing.

                                   Bit of a show stopper for us, sure we wil get there but currently driving us mad.