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    bento to FMP ADV to FMP GO inconsistencies..



      bento to FMP ADV to FMP GO inconsistencies..


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      migrated bento  to fmp adv 12 (finally able to bring over the media files in the migration software.. better late than never..) ..   on my  mac, the  media field  setting 'set to play automatically on record open'  works fine... on filemaker go... it doesn't work this way..   you have to open the file and 'play' it. can't script it.. and when it does play on the ipad.. that' s ALL you can do... and i don't know  why?     there seems to be real problem playing any audio file and doing anything else...  seems pretty basic function to still be missing in FMP GO..

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      sync fmp adv to fmp go..  open the file.

      Expected result

      go to record.. hear the mp3 file in the media file in that record play..   move to new record.. first record mp3 stop.. 2nd starts..   all while leaving the .pdf file in the foreground.. as it does on the computer..

      Actual result

      nothing plays.. if you play the mp3 the screen takes over the entire ipad an you must stop the playback to go back and see any of the other fields in the record..



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          Keith Retson-Spalding: 

               Thank you for the post.


               This is the expected behavior as documented in the FileMaker Go 12 Development Guide:


               "Container fields


               FileMaker Go doesn’t support:

          •           the Inspector Data Formatting options Images or Interactive content. (Content in container fields is displayed by the iOS like other iOS audio, video, and PDF files.)
          •           setting up container fields to store data externally."


               If you would like to see a change in this behavior, I would encourage you to enter this as a suggestion into our Feature Requests web form at:




               These web form suggestions are monitored and read by our Development and Product Management departments and then discussed and considered for a future release. Although I could copy and paste your post into the web form, there are some questions asked that only you can answer.



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