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    Blacking out of Layout screen in Filemaker 7 under Windows 7



      Blacking out of Layout screen in Filemaker 7 under Windows 7


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows  64 bit

      Description of the issue

      I seem to have upgraded FileMaker Pro at the wrong time--I don't use it that much these days, and I am being bitten by the bug where the screen goes black when trying to drag fields around in layout mode.  Makes the mode pretty useless to me, and hence the product is pretty useless as far as creating new databases where I might want to actually lay out a screen.  I gather this was a known bug and that FileMaker Pro 7.x is incompatible with Windows 7.  My question is: what's the cheapest way for me to fix this?  Or is there another product I should be looking at that would have the ease of use of the old flat-file version (I go *WAY* back with this product), which is all that I usually need, and would work under Windows 7?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Create a database by defining fields.  Switch to Layout mode to set up a form for entering data.  Try to move a field by dragging and dropping.

      Expected result

      Fields and labels that have been selected are moved along with cursor.

      Actual result

      Entire windows goes black, so I can't see where fields are moved to until I unclick the mouse button.

      Configuration information

      Filemaker 7.0
      Windows 7  64 bit

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          I've seen reports here of this issue with old releases of FileMaker and windows 7 and/or Vista. As I recall, the only solution is to upgrade FileMaker to the latest release. FileMaker 11 runs FileMaker 7 created files without needing to do a file conversion and won't exhibit this behavior.

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            Barbara Miller,

            Thank you for your post.

            You are correct, versions earlier than FileMaker Pro 10 have not been tested or certified with Windows 7. It is strongly recommended you use current FileMaker software with the Windows 7 operating system.

            FileMaker Pro 7 through FileMaker Pro 11 do share the same file format. You will be able to open your FileMaker Pro 7 files with FileMaker Pro 11. I would recommend you make sure you have good backups of your solution whenever you plan any major changes.

            You can find a trial version of FileMaker Pro 11 at www.filemaker.com. Go to the Support menu and select Downloads; you'll find a link to Trial Software at the bottom of the page under "Downloadable Resources".

            Please note FileMaker recommends that, once you have created or opened a file in a later version of FileMaker Pro, you do not make database design or layout changes using an earlier version of FileMaker Pro, particularly for features that have changed in the newer version. You can also open FileMaker Pro 11 files using FileMaker Pro 7. However, any new features that are used in a later version of a FileMaker Pro file may not look or act the same way when you open the file in a previous version.

            To purchase FileMaker Pro 11, see the "Buy One, Gift One" promotion currently ongoing for the holidays (www.filemaker.com: pull down the Purchase menu and select Promotions).

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