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    Boolean Number format



      Boolean Number format

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      Inspector doesn't produce an error message that only 7 characters are accepted when a number field is specified as boolean; it instead just deletes all characters entered after seven.  All prior versions work.  If this was a deliberate decision,  I prefer being notified.  :smileyhappy: UPDATE: This is on Windows XP Profession, SP2

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          I prefer it being able to have more than 7 chars. :p



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            Absolutely - it should be extended!  But I was fooled when it let me type more and I thought it took 'Notified' until I looked again in browse mode and saw 'Notifie'.  Please have it tell us or extend it.  


            While we are at it, I would prefer than it produce the 'no' value even if the boolean false field is empty. 


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              Hi all,

              please excuse me, but i have never seen boolean fields in Filemaker, nor something like an Inspector. And nothing in the script debugger.


              Maybe this is language confusion, i have the german fmpa 11.


              So please tell me, what is inspector, something included in Filemaker, or an additional module?


              thank you!


              greetings from germany


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                Hi Chris,


                Yes, this is in vs. 11. Inspector is the floating window, signified on your toolbar when in layout mode with an 'i' in a cirlce.  At the bottom of the Data tab is Data Formatting.  It is where we specify the layout-level display for dates, numbers, times and graphics.  We used to access this from field behavior.


                When we specify a number format as boolean here and want to specify what to display, it defaults to yes and no but we can type something else.  However, we are limited to 7 characters.  In prior versions using field behavior, we received a message if we typed more than 7.  In vs. 11 (now using Inspector), we get no such warning.


                I know that you know this stuff so it must, as you suggest, be language confusion. :smileyhappy:

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                  Not a boolean field but formatting a number field as Boolean as LaRetta has already pointed out.

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                    Thank you for your posts.


                    I can confirm this exists on Windows XP SP3, Mac OS X 10.5.8 and Mac OS X 10.6.3.  This has been previously reported and confirmed by our Testing department, and I have attached your posts to this issue.



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