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Bottom Navigation Bar Doesn't Retreat with Keyboard

Question asked by user14659 on Jul 21, 2011
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Bottom Navigation Bar Doesn't Retreat with Keyboard


FileMaker Go



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Description of the issue

After entering text in a text field, and then immediately selecting a radio button (or a check box item) the keyboard retreats, but the bottom navigation bar does not.  It remains at the location where it was above the keyboard.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1.  Create a new Database "Test.dbf"
2. Add two text fields
3. Create a layout with these two fields.
4. Set one of the fields to be a radio button set and create a value list to go with it.
5. Upload the file to the iPad
6. Type some data in the text box.
7.  Immediately select a radio button from the set

Expected result

The navigation bar will retreat along with the keyboard.

Actual result

The navigation bar remains in the same location as if the keyboard is still there.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



Require the user to tap outside of any fields will make the navigation bar retreat.  Very poor user experience.