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    Bottom of Layout Appears Twice



      Bottom of Layout Appears Twice


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      Description of the issue

      Multiple clients have reported that suddenly they will have the bottom of the screen doubled. In other words, if you were to screenshot the bottom 1 inch of any layout (in Browse), and then paste it below the bottom of the current window, that is what it looks like. So any button you have created at the bottom of the layout appear twice. The small mountains/ big mountain controls also appear twice. But when doubled, only one set is active. The other set is merely a shadow.  This is clearly a redraw issue.  If you close the window and reopen it, it is gone.  Or,  if you hid and show the status area twice, it is corrected.  But it is a pain!  How can we fix this?!
      The amount of the layout that is doubled varies from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. The doubled area appears to be a 'residue' from the previous layout. So in the screen shot, the previous screen was in browse mode, while the new screen was in Find mode.  The screen shot ONLY shows a single window!

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Only appears sporadically.  I know of no consistent way to consistently reproduce it.
      Deleting the FileMaker Preferences files does not correct.

      Configuration information

      It only appears on Macs, to my knowledge. I have seen this many times in FMP 9 and 10.  I do not know if it happens in 11.


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          Mike Williamson:

          Thank you for your post.

          I have not encountered this issue, and checking with other Support Technicians, neither have they.  I know that doesn't help you.

          When this occurs, if you move the file window, does the "doubled area" also move?

          Do you have any kind of graphic accelerator installed?  Since you have seen this many times with FileMaker Pro 9 and 10, does it always occur with the same file?  Or, does it also happen with other files?

          On your Dock, it appears only Safari and FileMaker Pro are running.  Correct?

          Do you have any software or hardware that would accelerate graphics?

          The next time this occurs, please find out what steps were taken just prior.  This may help provide a clue.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thank you for looking at this issue. I have now seen it at 5 different clients. Three clients see it all day long, dozens or 'hundreds' of times.

            Your questions... When you move the window, the double area also moves.

            No graphic accelerator. In every case they have iMacs.

            All cases that I know, the issue is in FMP 10.  (I don't use 11 because of major problems with it.)  And it definitely did not occur with FMP 9.

            This "Double Footer" problem is happening on 2 different files. PestaRoo (pest control software)  and Pos-T-Vac (Medical devices).

            The issue occurs if only FMP is running.  Or any other applications. We see no correlation to open apps.

            Here is a hint. 5 of the people who see it routinely use the zoom function in FMP a lot.

            Lastly, I now have a case # at Tech Support.  

            Case: 110113-000097

            I just asked one of the people having trouble to upgrade to Snow Leopard.  It did not help.  sighhhh.

            Thank you again for your help. I am getting very frustrated over this.

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              Since this seems specific to two specific files, perhaps the files or their layouts are damaged.

              Have you tried recovering this files and testing the recovered files to see what happens?

              If you open one of these two files and create a new copy of one of these layouts, without copying anything from another layout, does this brand new layout exhibit the same behavior?

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                Thank you for your comments.

                We have tried a recovery, but it had no effect.

                New info:  Just heard from one of clients, she downloaded FMP 11 trial, and the issue goes away.  She then deleted FMP 11 from her iMac, and went back to FMP 10.  The issue re-occurred. I did a GoToMeeting screen share with her. I can verify that 80-90% of the layouts she goes to, has the problem.

                On my computer the same exact file does not give the double footers. So, I think the issue is specific to the machine.

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                  What's weird, is we haven't seen any other reports like this...

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                    I still suspect the file's or layouts may be corrupted. Recover doesn't fix everything. Have you tried recreating a lsyout from scratch? That's another test to see if the layout is damaged. (Sometimes such corruption is tolerated by one version of FileMaker and not another, BTW.)

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                      Mike Williamson:

                      Thanks for the additional information.

                      Although this hasn't been previously reported, and although you cannot reproduce the problem, it may still be an issue that only happens under certain circumstances.  I don't expect your clients to remember everything they did prior to this issue appearing, but the next time this occurs, ask your clients to write down the steps they took just prior to noticing the issue.  You mentioned five clients extensively using the zoom function.  What zoom settings are they using?  Are some using 200%, 150%, 300%?  Or, are they zooming out to 75% or 50%?  This may also provide a key.

                      Are your clients using FileMaker Pro 10.0v3?  Or, are they using an earlier release of FileMaker Pro 10 (10.0v2, 10.0v1)?

                      Please continue to keep me updated with any additional information.

                      FileMaker, Inc.

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                        PhilModJunk and TSGal

                        I've been asking around. This appears to be more widespread than I thought. I sent the screen shot to several clients, "Have you ever seen this?" They each said "lots of times." Three different solutions.

                        Yes, I have tried recovering their files. No difference. So, I don't think it is file specific. And, I don't think it is an App bug. I think it is an issue on their machines somehow.

                        One client in particular has it on almost every layout she goes to. So, this morning I went to that client over VNC and copied her exact file to my MacBook Pro. I opened the file in and NEVER get the the double footer. I have verified that she too is using Since she can replicate this issue almost every time. (9 out of 10 layout changes) I am going to focus on her copy. Then what ever I discover with her, I'll try at the other clients one by one.

                        Regarding the zoom function... she frequently  uses the 150 % setting for her bad eyes. However, when I went on site, I could see that the problem was happening when she was at 100%. In other words, she frequently bounces into 150% to look at a field of text, and then bounces back out.  Perhaps this is a red herring. I was, though, struck by how often she did this. I wondered if perhaps it led to some damage happening to the Pref file, which is turn is causing the "double footer" problem.

                        Which Pref file should I delete to test this?

                        Thanks again for your help. I will keep you posted.

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                          Mike Williamson:

                          Sorry for the late reply.

                          The FileMaker Preference file is located in the following folder:

                          User Account -> Library -> Preferences -> com.filemaker.<keyword>.plist

                          ... where keyword may be "pro", "pro.advanced", "filemakerpro", etc.... depending on the version of FileMaker being used.

                          Since some time has passed, if you have any update or inkling to what may be a possible cause, please let me know.

                          FileMaker, Inc.