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Bottom of Layout Appears Twice

Question asked by mikewson on Dec 14, 2010
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Bottom of Layout Appears Twice


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Description of the issue

Multiple clients have reported that suddenly they will have the bottom of the screen doubled. In other words, if you were to screenshot the bottom 1 inch of any layout (in Browse), and then paste it below the bottom of the current window, that is what it looks like. So any button you have created at the bottom of the layout appear twice. The small mountains/ big mountain controls also appear twice. But when doubled, only one set is active. The other set is merely a shadow.  This is clearly a redraw issue.  If you close the window and reopen it, it is gone.  Or,  if you hid and show the status area twice, it is corrected.  But it is a pain!  How can we fix this?!
The amount of the layout that is doubled varies from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. The doubled area appears to be a 'residue' from the previous layout. So in the screen shot, the previous screen was in browse mode, while the new screen was in Find mode.  The screen shot ONLY shows a single window!

Steps to reproduce the problem

Only appears sporadically.  I know of no consistent way to consistently reproduce it.
Deleting the FileMaker Preferences files does not correct.

Configuration information

It only appears on Macs, to my knowledge. I have seen this many times in FMP 9 and 10.  I do not know if it happens in 11.