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    BROKEN - FMGo1.2



      BROKEN - FMGo1.2 & Save Records as PDF (Create email with file as attachment) Script Step


      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version

      Mac OS X 10.7.4

      Description of the issue

      I have a button that is scripted to create a PDF and then attach it to an email. This has worked beautifully in FMP11/FilemakerGo1.1.

      Guess what? It's broken in FMP/FMGo1.2, even though it is documented as a valid FMGo1.2 function on page 17 in the FMGo1.2 Dev guide. A PDF gets created, and that's it. No emailing.

      The workaround? Tap Gear icon in upper right -> tap Print -> tap PDF -> tap Email.

      Yeah! Four taps vs one. Obviously, not grand.


      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Create script step: Save Records as PDF with Create email with file as attachment toggled on. Attach script to button. Click.

      Expected result

      An email with the PDF attached to it.

      Actual result

      Nada. Just a PDF saved to the FM filesystem. No email created.

      Configuration information

      Mac OS X 10.7.4


      Tap Gear icon in upper right -> tap Print -> tap PDF -> tap Email.