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Broken External Storage path after copy from / to server

Question asked by lumberjacklane on May 26, 2013


Broken External Storage path after copy from / to server


FileMaker Server

Description of the issue

We converted our containers to store externally, unencrypted, one week ago.  I created a base path on the server in the /Data folder called Graphics, for ease of manual backup.  All was working smoothly, until I closed the databases and moved a copy to my macbook for further development.  When I uploaded back to the FileMaker Server this afternoon, all the links appear to be broken, with -missing-  and the file name.  The graphics all reside in the exact same place, and I am at a loss as to how the links would be broken. 

I read several things on the forums that may be of help:

-  Using the specific "Download" option may help avoid this problem, but confidence seemed a little low, and I did not see anything about this in the general FileMaker documentation. 
-  Server will move the path relative to the file, so my "Backup" folder was a little redundant

Did I totally miss this in the documentation?  Can anyone shed some light on this for me?  Is it possible to keep all the container data on the server, grab a copy of the file off for local development, and re-upload, expecting the container paths and data to still work?