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    Broken images when viewed through browser



      Broken images when viewed through browser


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS 10.6.8

      Description of the issue

      When I insert pictures into a container field, some the images do not show up when viewed from a Web browser. I've tried viewing via Windows on IE and Firefox, and from the Mac using Firefox and Safari. Same result, same broken images. Weird thing is, some of the images are fine. Also some show a broken image icon, and some show nothing. When I get properties on the images that work the path looks like and the type is listed as PNG. But on the broken images it looks like and the type is listed as text/html. And then some of the images don't show at all - no broken image icon, and I can't get properties.In all three cases I added the images to the container field in Filemaker the same way, and they are in the same folder.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Select a container field > control click > select Insert Picture from the menu that pops up > browse to the image file (Applications/Filemaker Pro 11/Web/Images).

      Turn on Instant Web Publishing. Open a Web browser and go to the IP address.

      Expected result

      All images should be viewable in Web browser.

      Actual result

      Only some images are viewable in Web browser. Which those are seems random.


      Images seem to work if I deselect the "Store only the reference to the file" option (which I would rather not do, to keep size down).

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          IF you use store by reference, the image files must be located in a specific folder on the server. If you use use Help | Product Documentation to open the Instant Web Publishing Guide, you can look up container fields and find the info on where you need to locate the files in order for it to be possible to insert them with the store by reference option and be able to see them in the web browser.

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            Thanks, but yes, I did check that. It says, "If you’re hosting the database with FileMaker Pro, referenced image and movie files must be stored in the Web folder, in the FileMaker Pro folder." And that is where I've got them. Weird thing is that some of them show up fine and others don't. All are in that same location.

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              Where they all inserted from that location or where some of them previously inserted from other locations and then you moved the files to this folder? As a test, you might try re-inserting one of the broken image files from this web folder and see if that makes a difference.

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                Ahh -- that may have been it! I went back and re-inserted and that seems to have fixed it. There was still one image that showed a broken image icon (the others had just been blank, no broken image icon -- nothing). I fiddled with that one for a while and couldn't get anything to work. Finally just recreated the image, gave it a different filename, and that did it. No clue what the problem was. Thanks for your help.