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    Browse to Layout Mode Screen Refreshing



      Browse to Layout Mode Screen Refreshing

      Description of the issue

      When switching from Browse mode to layout mode, the file appears, goes away, reappears, goes away, reappears almost like it is refreshing itself.  This goes on maybe 10 times and happens every time I switch modes.  Any suggestions as to why???  I do have graphics on the page, does that make a difference?

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          Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the delay in responding.


          There have been a number of reports of screen flashing between Layout and Browse modes, displaying records, updating records, etc.  This has only been found on Windows computers, so if you are on a Mac, please provide more information about your system.


          With Windows, some users have found fixed the problem by updating to the latest video driver from the manufacturer while others either see some improvement or no improvement at all.



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