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Bug ? Calculated Field using substitute randomly changes character case.

Question asked by S W on Jun 18, 2010
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Bug ? Calculated Field using substitute randomly changes character case.

Description of the issue

I have just come across a strange issue in FMP 11 I have a layout which is used to print client letters based on a template from a related table ( see below for more info).  Now Lets say I have 20 clients to print letters for, I am getting inconsistent text formatting with random client records... For example : client 1 will print as designed : Dear Mr Smith

Titlecase UPPERCASE lowercase Titlecase 
UPPERCASE lowercase Titlecase UPPERCASE lowercaseClients 2, 3, 4, 5 will also print correctly, with their own names of course. Client 6 however will print like :  Dear Mr Jones

Titlecase Uppercase Lowercase Titlecase
UPPERCASE lowercase Titlecase UPPERCASE lowercaseBasically, it seems to be changing 1 line of text to "proper" with capitalised first letters.. however this does not continue throughout the paragraph, it then reverts back to how it was entered.Notice the first lines should show UPPERCASE not Uppercase Then in no particular order or pattern I can determine, this continues, so record 7 may print ok, 8 would be wrong, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 would print ok, 17 would not etc..  Here is a shortened version of how my structure is set up. 1. In the clients table, I have a global field which specifies which letter template is to be usedi.e Client::Template  (Contents for this example are TEST1 - the only related record) 2. In the template table, I have a single record, with 2 fields     template::ID   (contents are TEST1)     template::content  The content field contains something along the lines the of the over-exaggerated text below : Dear {title} {surname}

Titlecase UPPERCASE lowercase Titlecase
UPPERCASE lowercase Titlecase UPPERCASE lowercase  4. Back in the clients table, I set up an unstored calculation field, with the following calculation  Substitute ( template::content ;  ["{title}" ; client::title ] ; ["{surname}" ; client::surname ] )  6. In all cases, the fields on the layout are set to use 'Plain' style  Can anybody else reproduce this behaviour ?   Im just starting a new file to see if I can reproduce it further myself, but its getting late, so will probably continue to investigate over the weekend.  It may well be something in my file / data causing it, just seems bizarre how its only 1 line of data randomly changing.  I will check with FM10 tomorrow also.