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Bug Filemaker Pro 10v3 Advanced?

Question asked by Clod on Sep 16, 2009
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Bug Filemaker Pro 10v3 Advanced?

Description of the issue

 Yesterday I created a database with FileMaker Advanced 10v3 and I am met with a probable bug. I created a database with these fields: NumData – Type number with proposed calculation get(recordnumber)Data:  - Type DataTitle: - Type TextDescription:  – Type textNewData: - Type Data I created a script with these commands: SetVariable[$NewDate:; Value:Bug::NewData]Show Custom Dialog[Bug:: Data:; Bug::Title:;Bug:: Description:]If [Get(ChoiceLastPost)=1]      NewRecord/Request      Define the fields[Bug:: Data:; Bug::NewData:]      Sort Records[Reset;Without Window]End IfCustom window are two buttons: New and Cancel. If I put an input field and enter a value in the input field, If the condition is not checked, both with a single entry field with three fields that.Even if I'm wrong script, the condition is specified to be set a new record, rather than clicking on the button remains pimo window with value added and nothing happens.If I hide a button or entry field, the condition is tested, but if I put the variable field, move the position of the variable, the result is that the window is always with value added but not checked the condition of the pressure of the first button, and if I click the second window disappears but the condition is not performed.This same database created from scratch with only this format and only this script, without relationships, you experience the same situation: the condition is not verified and is also the custom window button 1 pressed.This database runs on it I Filemaker 9 Advanced, and the condition is tested, does not put the date but the task of making the record run. So the script error but will still be checked for condition and executed.