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Bug in FileMaker Go with "Go To Field" script step

Question asked by scottworld on Apr 28, 2014
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Bug in FileMaker Go with "Go To Field" script step


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 7.1.1

Description of the issue

Hi there,

I have discovered a bug with FileMaker Go where it fails to properly perform the "Go To Field" script step.

I have created a multi-window FileMaker Go solution, so that different tables are opened in different windows.

When the user launches the FileMaker Go solution, it takes them to a Main Menu layout (Main Menu table), and there are 2 buttons to tap on: "Go to Invoices Table" and "Go To Contacts Table".

When they tap on one of those buttons, the FileMaker Go database evaluates whether that window (table) is already open in a separate window. If it is already open in a separate window, it simply takes them to that already-open window. If it is NOT open in a separate window, then it simply creates a new window for them that automatically takes them to the appropriate layout and table.

Take a look at the attached screenshot for a script that demonstrates this behavior. It is a very simple & straightforward script. No trickery involved! ;)

Everything always works 100% perfectly fine on FileMaker Go… EXCEPT FOR THAT LAST SCRIPT STEP: "Go To Field".

The "Go To Field" script step will *ONLY* execute if a *NEW WINDOW* was created during the If/EndIf conditional statement. If the "SELECT WINDOW" function was selected during the conditional statement, then the "Go To Field" script step IS NOT EXECUTED AT ALL.

In other words, FileMaker will only "Go To Field" if it is creating a new window. It will NOT "Go To Field" if it is selecting a window that already exists.

PLEASE NOTE: IN ORDER TO REPRODUCE THIS BUG, YOU MUST RUN THIS SCRIPT FROM *ANOTHER* OPEN WINDOW IN FILEMAKER GO. Do not run this script from the very same window. So, in my case, this script is triggered from a different window entitled "Main Menu", which is a completely different table & layout altogether.

(ALSO NOTE: I have toolbars hidden in my solution, and I have custom menus set to display NO menus.)