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Bug in playback of sound files

Question asked by tmansour on May 21, 2009
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Bug in playback of sound files

Description of the issue

I've placed an mp3 track into a container field. If I click on the field on a layout, I'm shown QuickTime player controls and can play, pause, etc. However trying to script playback doesn't give reliable results: using a Go To Field script step can enter the field but still won't start play, so I need to employ the "Select/Play" option. However if I do this, the track starts playing without allow me to interact with the playback controls, so I can't pause, rewind, etc. It seems as if that script step wants the entire track to play before proceeding: the only way out is to use Cmd-. to cancel the script step, which then displays the QuickTime controls, and then I can click the Pause button. This smells like a bug to me!