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Bug in web viewer under OS X

Question asked by onefile on Feb 27, 2009
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Bug in web viewer under OS X

Description of the issue

If you set a web viewer in FM 9/10 on OS X(!) to following calculation:"data:text/html," & "document.write("You get as result an UUID-like number, like this: HOST: 144F6732-F9AF-4070-B541-2736750C1D98 This changing number will send by every browser request, but only on the Mac side! On the PC the hostname is blank and on Safari on OS X it's blank, too. This incorrect/different web viewer behavior on OS X avoids an easy integration of googlemaps services in FileMaker. Is there any solution to solve this? For example manipulating the plist or similar?This is first published in an article of the proofgroup blog: FM-Products: FM Pro and Advanced 9 an 10, clients-versionOperating System: Mac OS X