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Bug report on selection of printing BROWSED or CURRENT record

Question asked by paulvesco on May 13, 2010
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Bug report on selection of printing BROWSED or CURRENT record

Description of the issue

Running Mac OS 10.6.3 on a MacBook Pro -- FileMaker Pro Advanced v11.0v1 -- Using a Brother 5170 printer with Postscript driver. When I try to print, I no longer see the dialogue options of: RECORDS BEING BROWSED, CURRENT RECORD, or BLANK RECORD. In the drop down box, there is no FILEMAKER option. This results in having no control over whether I am printing a single record or all the records being browsed. As a long time, experienced user of FileMaker (since 2003), I am very familiar with this dialogue box. Two other tech notes for tracking this problem: 1) This is the same printer I've had for over two years using FileMaker 8 and the Filemaker 10 with no similar problems. 2) The problem only appeared when I upgraded to Filemaker Pro Advanced 11.0, HOWEVER, I also just bought the MacBook Pro, so that also has to be considered. I ran FileMaker 10 on this new computer for a while and don't remember any similar problems, but I can't be certain of that, since I did upgrade FileMaker fairly quickly after purchasing this computer. The only workaround I have found is by switching between a few different printers, I can get that dialogue to come up. I make the change there, then switch back to the printer I want to use, but even this hasn't been consistent in behavior and I may have to do that 2 or 3 times to get the settings to "stick" where I want them.