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Bug when combining GetNthRecord

Question asked by fmweetbicks on May 14, 2009
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Bug when combining GetNthRecord & List

Description of the issue

Hi all, I encountered an issue today when trying to combine the List function with GetNthRecord.  My intention was to get a list of the last 10 created record ID's in a particular table. To do this,  I create a relationship to the records in the table (Contacts) - & sorted Descending Order by Record ID. Next,  because of the sort, I intended to use GetNthRecord to obtain the record ID's of the first 10 records:  List (GetNthRecord ( Contacts::RecordID ; 1 ) ;...GetNthRecord ( Contacts::RecordID ; 10 )) the end result was a list of the first record ID 10 times,  ie: 33313331...3331 .  I also tried to split the GetNth's out into a Let statement using let variables, and put the variables into the List function instead, and got the same result. The solution I found was to keep using the let statement, but use local variables instead.  This seemed to resolve the issue.  However I still think this is a bug as I see no reason why Let variables, or even putting GetNthRecord directly in the List function, shouldn't work. The working version looked like this: Let ([$One = GetNthRecord ( Contacts::RecordID ; 1 ) ;...$Ten = GetNthRecord ( Contacts::RecordID ; 10];List ( $One ; ... ; $Ten ))  Issue is both in FileMaker 9 & 10,  I am running on OS X 10.5 Intel.