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Bug with conditional formatting resulting in strange behavior

Question asked by CasusBelli on Aug 9, 2009
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Bug with conditional formatting resulting in strange behavior

Description of the issue

This is a bug which I think is recent (last update?) and wreaked havoc in my database. It was extremely difficult to isolate, but I managed to do it. To replicate the bug, do the following:Create a new database (let's call it Temp)Create three fields in the database: bgColor (text), bg (text) and media (container)Edit the layout that was createdAdd the following Conditional Formatting to the "bg" field: Formula: IsEmpty(Temp::media), and assign whatever fill color you wantCreate a very simple script with the Paste scriptStep and make sure to check "Go to target field", specifying "media" as target fieldAssign the script to a buttonNow, for the bug: Copy whatever text you want in the clipboard, and use the button to paste it into the field media. Instead of that happening, the cursor actually goes to the "bg" field and pastes it there!This behavior is really caused by the conditional formatting statement. Remove it, and it works fine (i.e., it pastes into "media"). Please note that it doesn't only affect the Paste command, but any step that would activate the "media" field. I am using FM10.0v3 under Win XP Pro. A feedback would be appreciated. Casus Belli