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Bug with Custom Record Access Privileges

Question asked by scottworld on Mar 28, 2014
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Bug with Custom Record Access Privileges


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OS X 10.8.5

Description of the issue

There seems to be a bug in FileMaker Pro 12.0v5 with custom record access privileges.

I have a table with a bunch of records in it. My client wants this ability:
1. ALL 100 user accounts can VIEW ALL RECORDS in this table.
2. Only 15 users in the entire organization can EDIT RECORDS in this table. Those 5 users are allowed to edit ALL the records and ALL the fields in this table.

Those 15 users are spread out across 3 different privilege sets, so I didn't want to create 3 new privilege sets just to make this scenario happen. Instead, I simply wanted to go into the 3 existing privilege sets, and update the "Editing" privileges for Custom Record Access for those 3 privilege sets.

So I tried going into FileMaker's Access Privileges and going into Custom Record Access for "Editing" privileges, but it doesn't recognize the function "Get (AccountName)", no matter which way I reference Get(AccountName).

For example, the following formula doesn't prevent anybody from editing records in the table. It still allows ALL USERS to edit ALL records, even if they are not logged in as "scott":

Get (AccountName) = "scott"; 1;

FileMaker always evaluates this as a 1, no matter what account name they are logged in as.

Any way to workaround this bug in FileMaker?