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Bug with FileMaker 10's subsummary feature

Question asked by scottworld on Apr 10, 2009
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Bug with FileMaker 10's subsummary feature

Description of the issue

Hello there, We discovered a bug with FileMaker 10's "live subsummary" feature. This has been tested on FileMaker Pro 10 running on Mac OS X 10.5.6.  Create a layout that has a body part and a subsummary part. In the subsummary part, only put MERGE FIELDS. Don't put any real fields in the subsummary part -- just merge fields. Go into browse mode and view your records as a list. Add a few records, and be sure to sort your data so that the subsummary part becomes visible to you in browse mode. Everything is fine so far. Everything is working normally, just as you'd expect. There are no problems yet. However, stay in browse mode and view your data as a TABLE (choose "View-->View As Table"), and suddenly, the merge fields in your subsummary part become EDITABLE FIELDS. The user can actually CHANGE the data within the merge fields, thus changing certain records' data as well. Merge fields are ALWAYS supposed to be read-only fields... they're never supposed to be editable by the user at all. But this bug suddenly makes all of your merge fields editable by the user.