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    Bug with popovers closing



      Bug with popovers closing


      FileMaker Pro



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      OS X 10.8.5

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      There seems to be a bug with popovers in FileMaker 13.

      Normally with a popover, you can click once on the popover button to OPEN the popover, and then you can click AGAIN on the popover button to CLOSE the popover. This is fantastic. The button acts like a toggle: you can open & close the popover, just by clicking on the button. PERFECT!!

      However, this is where the bug happens:

      If you try to add your own custom elements to the popover button, such as placing a custom graphic on top of the popover button, or putting a custom piece of text on top of the popover button (instead of using the popover button's built-in text tool), then the popover will ONLY OPEN when you click on the button. It will NEVER CLOSE when you click on the button. It will ONLY CLOSE if you click somewhere else on the screen.

      PLEASE NOTE: To trigger this bug, your mouse must be DIRECTLY CLICKING on the custom elements. If you're clicking on the CORNER of the popover button (where the custom elements aren't touching), then it will close just fine.

      Please see the attached screenshot for an example of this in action. This is a popover button that won't close unless you click somewhere else on the screen. To get this popover button to close by clicking on the button, I would need to remove that custom graphic, PLUS I would have to retype that custom text using the popover's built-in button text. (Or, I could click on the very corners of the popover button.)

      This makes it difficult to make beautiful buttons that are popover buttons… in essence, we are limited to ONLY USING the built-in text tool of the popover button, and cannot place our own custom graphics or custom text on top of the popover button.

      Would be great to see this fixed!!!

      Thank you,


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               This is a known issue. For More Information see:     Popover-close blocked by foreground object

               This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bug List thread here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

               It can also be downloaded as a database file from:    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jt09b82i0xijbu3/FMP%20Bugs.zip

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                 Thanks so much, Phil, for the info!!

                 Too bad they've known about this bug for so long and still haven't fixed it yet. :( I would love to see FileMaker focus on fixing all the major issues in their next release, instead of pushing out so many new features. Sort of like what Apple did with Snow Leopard: slow down for one release and just fix the problems.

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                   Thank you for your posts.

                   I have attached your post to the original issue.  When more information becomes available, I will let you know.

                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                     Hello there,

                     Sorry if i misunderstood (due to my bad english) but, if not, a possible workaround, could be the following :

                1.           Remove the fill and the line on all state of the popover button to make it invisible
                3.           Place the graphic behind the popover button.


                     Bye, Fred

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                  This bug / issue maybe bigger than what has been given so far. Popover can show partially superimposed with portal objects in the layout.

                  In my solution, I tap on Popover "Tree" button, It has many buttons that each runs a script to go to tab on a layout. Tapping on a button and it correctly shows result. There are 3 tabs in the layout, each tab has an object name that is used to goto that tab using scripts. Then tap on "Tree" again, then tap on button to goto a different tab on the same layout, this correctly activates the desired tab, but the Popover does not disappear and shows superimposed with portal objects in the layout.

                  Should this be reported as a separate bug / issue ?


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                    Thank you for your post.

                    The original posting is quite different than your issue.  The original posting was with a popover not closing under Mac OS X.  Your screen shot appears to have a portal appearing in front of a popover under iOS.  Or, does this also occur under Mac OS X?

                    Assuming your issue is with FileMaker Go, what version of FileMaker Go are you using?  What version of iOS?  Does this occur for all three tab panels?  If the portal scroll bars are temporarily turned off, does the issue still occur?  Any other information you can provide about your environment may be helpful in determining possible causes.

                    FileMaker, Inc.

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                      Benjamin Fehr


                      what if you add a "close Popover" task in those scripts?

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                        Oops !! .... My bad. Have all the latest updates in iOS and FM Go, no does not happen in OS X. And in iOS there is a difference with portal scroll bars off, then the portals do not appear in front of popover.

                        However, in iOS using the "Close Popover" script step makes it a non-issue, at least for me. But in iOS the portals with scroll bars appearing in front of the Popover may be an unintended annoying behavior.

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                          Benjamin, thanks, "Close Popover" works great !!