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Bug with running script on server

Question asked by scottworld on Feb 12, 2014
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Bug with running script on server


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

OS X 10.8.x

Description of the issue

When using FileMaker Server to run a server-side script, there is a bug if the script contains a loop in it that loops through records.

At the end of the loop, the script step "Go To Record [Next; Exit After Last]" will yield an error message in the FileMaker Server log after the last record.

And because it erroneously yields an error message, the server script will abort unexpectedly unless the first step of the script is "Allow User Abort [Off]".

However, to workaround this bug and to prevent the error from ever cropping up in the first place, the user must add an additional script step BEFORE the "Go To Record [Next; Exit After Last]" script step, which is:

Exit Loop If [Get (RecordNumber) = Get (FoundCount)]

That extra script step will prevent the error from happening.

So in order to prevent any problems with FileMaker Server running a server-side script that contains a loop that loops through records, the entire script needs to look something like this:

Allow User Abort [Off]
Go To Record [First]
…(do stuff here)…
Exit Loop If [Get (RecordNumber) = Get (FoundCount)]
Go To Record [Next; Exit After Last]
End Loop