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bug with the API PHP

Question asked by bwaah on Sep 14, 2009
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bug with the API PHP

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Hello I have a problem in a php script.I'm using  PHP 5.2.6 on a Windows NT FMCOGNEX2 6.0 build 6001 system whith a FMS10 server. In my layout, I have a list which contains some japanese records. Two of the records contains a mixed english and Japanese data, like Matrox /キヤノンITソリューションズ.In FMPA, the list is good, but when a get the data whith :  $record->getLayout()->getValueLists($this->id); the value becomes : Matrox /Matrox /キヤノンITソリューションズ. As you can see, the english characters (and only them) are sended twice to PHP. When I change the value in the database and invert the order, like  キヤノンITソリューションズ. Matrox / , it works! The english characters are sended once to PHP. But this solution doesn't please my customer. Is it a bug ? Is there any solution ? Thank you.