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BUG:  FMP Advanced 11

Question asked by mattb on Apr 6, 2010
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BUG:  FMP Advanced 11

Description of the issue

I just upgraded from FMP Advanced 10 to FMP Advanced 11 and tried to do my first compile.  FMP 11 did notlike the .SAV file I had created in FMP 10, so I created a new one under FMP 11.  It saved fine and compiled theprogram fine, but the next time I tried to compile and load the .SAV file created by FMP 11, I got the followingerror message: "File xxx.SAV cannot be loaded" This happens every time and is obviously a BUG.  What's the fix?  I don't want to have re-choose the compilationenvironment every time I do a new compile.  This worked flawlessly under FMP 10, by the way.  Help!