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Bug: CWP compound query not interpreted correctly

Question asked by MartinBrändle on Nov 14, 2009
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Bug: CWP compound query not interpreted correctly

Description of the issue

FileMaker Product(s) involved FileMaker Server 9FileMaker Server Advanced 9FileMaker Server 10FileMaker Server Advanced 10  Operating System(s) involved All OS compliant with products given above Detailed description of the issue Custom Web Publishing compound query URLs, that contain the following scheme, -query=(q1,q2)&-q1=field1&-q1.value=A&-q2=field1&-q2.value=B&-findquery e.g., that use the same field for request q1 and request q2, yield only a resultset that matches B. According to the documentation, both q1 and q2 must be combined with boolean AND for the form (q1,q2). However, if the field used for q1 and q2 is the same, only request q2 is interpreted, q1 is overridden, resulting in the wrong result set.  The Web Publishing Engine should interpret (q1,q2) correctly and internally rewrite the query to -query=(q1)&-q1=field1&-q1.value=A%20B&-findquery.  Expected Result Result set that matches A AND B in field1 Actual Result Result set that matches only B in field1  Exact text of any error message(s) that appeared None Any workarounds that you have found Queries that use the same field can only be written like this: -query=(q1)&-q1=field1&-q1.value=A%20B&-findquery   Request  Either fix the documentation or the Web Publishing Engine.  Similar bug reports (including test databases and XSLT files) had been submitted by me for FMS 7 and FMS 8 earlier (at that time for the former query URL format). Situation has only marginally improved since then.