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Bug: FMPA 10 Drop-down List

Question asked by ljlafleur on May 19, 2009
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Bug: FMPA 10 Drop-down List

Description of the issue

Hello All, Anyone else finding trouble on Win XP with the interaction of a paused script and a field with an OnObject Enter script and a Drop-down value list? The behavior:When I have a paused script, and click into my my field, formatted with a drop-down list and an OnObject Enter script, the value list flashes and disappears.  I have a built a simple test file: FIELDS:field1 text SCRIPTS:  OOEnter field1       Set Variable [$$currentValue; Value:Get ( ActiveFieldContents )] pause       Pause/Resume Script[Indefinitely] VALUELISTS:  fruit:      Custom Values:           apple           banana           cranberry           date  LAYOUTS: test LAYOUT OBJECTS: field1      OnObjectEnter "OOEnter field1"      Value List: fruit button:      Script: "pause"      Options: Current script: Pause To Reproduce:1. Click the pause button.2. Click or tab into field1 Notes:This behavior was not exhibited on a Mac.I am running Win XP SP3  Thank you.