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Bug: Leap Year Error in Day of Year Function

Question asked by dont88_1 on Dec 17, 2008
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Bug: Leap Year Error in Day of Year Function

Description of the issue

I've created a Filemaker Pro 9 application which creates a calendar for a year where the year is a variable. To account for Leap Years (Days) I've used the following function. I then factor in Leap Year when the result = 366 instead of 365. DayOfYear ("12-31-" & Year ) [where year is a variable entered by the user] However, according to the Gregorian Calendar (the basis for most currently used calendars in the US) the year 2000 and some other years evenly divided by four are not counted as leap years. When using the above noted function for year 2000, a value of 366 is yielded, not the expected 265.