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bug? Win XP SP3, enter key in set variable options dialog = cancel

Question asked by williamporter on Feb 27, 2009
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bug? Win XP SP3, enter key in set variable options dialog = cancel

Description of the issue

Windows XP SP3, FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced, on a Dell laptop: While editing a script, in the Set Variable Options dialog, after I give variable a name and tab into the "Value" field, if I type a bit of a formula and then hit Enter (for example, to add a line break to a Case or If formula), although OK is the default button and the formula is at this point NOT valid, the dialog simple closes as if I'd clicked Cancel. It should NOT close. I think one of the following three things should happen instead:a warning should appear telling me that the formula isn't valid and giving me a chance to fix it (as I would if I were in the full-blown formula editor); or better,I should be permitted to type a line break and required to CLICK the OK button with the mouse; or best,there should not be a handy "Value" field at all and tabbing out of the Name field should take me immediately and always into the full-blown calc editor.Tested this in Mac OS X.5 and this problem doesn't occur there. It's a Windows bug. NOTE: I still prefer alternative 3 above, which isn't available on the Mac either. But at least on the Mac I don't accidentally lose whatever I'd typed so far in the Value field.* FileMaker Product(s) involved: FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced (v1) Operating System(s) involved: Windows XP, SP3 Detailed description of the issue: See above Exact text of any error message(s) that appeared: NO error message appears Any additional configuration information/troubleshooting that is relevant to the issue: NOTE that I'm encountering this problem on a Dell Latitude D820 laptop. I have NOT tested on a desktop machine with a full size desktop keyboard. Any workarounds that you have found: If I click the Specify button to get into the full-blown Specify Calculation dialog, I'm fine. The problem is that the value field is handy and it's where I land immediately. I don't always know right away if the formula for the value is going to be simple or complicated, so sometimes I start typing thinking it will be simple and only then do I realize that I want (for example) a case statement rather than a simple field reference or something. At that point I often forget that it's not safe to hit Enter, so I hit Enter (i.e. the Return key on my laptop) and then I lose my work. Can be very annoying if it means I lose several minutes of deep thought!