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Buggy DATE-TIME FIELDS if system locale is Switzerland (italian) or an Ad Hoc local resembling...

Question asked by lexan on Jul 10, 2011
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Buggy DATE-TIME FIELDS if system locale is Switzerland (italian) or an Ad Hoc local resembling swis-italian format


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

MacOS X 10.6.8

Description of the issue

The standard Swiss locale: Language=Italian + Region=Suisse is not working and this is a fact!
But either your suggested locale is not working as expected, so I have configured a custom (but deliberately wrong) swiss locale:
- Language = Italian
- Region = Italy (which after next step becomes "a' hoc")
- Date = 10.05.11; 10-lug-2011 etc. (according to swiss formats)
- Time = no modification: 00.34 16.56
- Numbers = SFr. 1.234,55; 1.234,56

Well, even if this locale is wrong (numbers format are not those of Suisse), it works fine!
I can input dates and times a-la-swiss (e.g 10.05.11 and 11.23.45) and both dates and times are really dates and times (technically speaking their number representation is correct)

Now I change the deliberately wrong numbers format in System Preferences:

- Numbers = SFr. 1'234.55; 1'234.56 (please note thousand and decimal separators)

So, while dates are still OK and number are finally OK, time fields does not work anymore!
Apparently if I input a time without seconds, it will be accepted, but it does not have any meaning as a time (try and change its pattern from the Info palette or use it in a calculation...)

I do not know if the culprit is FMI or Apple's System Preferences but of one thing I am sure: DEFINITIVELY THIS IS A BUG!


PS As described in my previous email (FileMaker Forum::General Discussion, neither manual input, neither INSERT>>CURRENT DATE from menu are suitable for a good data entry.

Steps to reproduce the problem

A)  Set up a Swiss Locale, logout, login again, create a new FMP database with three fields: myDate, myTime, myNumber. Try to input date (13.07.2011), time (13.37.45), number (1'234.56) and verify if data-entry works

B) Try and input times using the INSERT>>CURRENT DATE/TIME menu command

C) Set up an Ad-hoc, but "deliberately wrong" locale (see details in issue description)

D) repeat step B

Expected result

DATE and TIME fields should accept the date/format I have set up in System Preferences, whichever it is. The menù commands, of course should works too!

Actual result

Number representation of entered TIME is wrong, menu commands fail....

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

See the attachment


No workarounds!