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    Bugs about this website/forum



      Bugs about this website/forum

      Operating system version

      Windows 7, 8, iPad, iPhone

      Description of the issue

      Don't know if this is the right place.  I really enjoy this forum, but it really needs some attention.  Some major problems like:
      1.  The spam is getting ridiculous.  Other sites only allow a new user to create a new post once a day.
      2.  Captcha--cant post from iPad/iPhone-except once per day.
      3.  When responding from iPad (only once per day), when you hit return from the onscreen keyboard, the cursor jumps to the beginning of the post instead of the next line.
      4.  Cant edit your one and only post, or any previous posts from iPad/iPhone.
      5.  Captcha should be turned off after a user reaches a certain level, or verified.
      6.  Regarding spam, it's obvious you don't/can't/don't care to monitor the site 24/7.  How about deputizing some of the frequent trusted contributors?  Allow them to take the spam posts and at the least, move them to a folder for further review, or trust them enough to delete them.
      7.  When you log in, post are shown as zero responses, and highlighted, even though there have been responses.  The post is also in its original position at the time of the original post.  Refreshing does not help

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          While I cannot reveal details. A significant change is "in the works".

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            Good to hear. Thanks.

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              STEVE MARTINO:

              Thank you for your post.

              First, an email was sent today to every forum user stating this forum will be merging with the Community forum on August 25th.  The Community forum is hosted by Jive, and most importantly, it gives us the ability to handle spam (thereby, no need for Captcha), and Jive also supports iOS.

              Over the past 50 days, we have received 50,000 spam messages from a Korean site.  Our FileMaker office in the United Kingdom does some monitoring of the spam messages, so for 16 hours a day (sometimes more) we try to suspend and remove those posts when they appear.  This is a manual process as much of this cannot be handled automatically with Oracle RightNow.  All we can ask is to be patient for the next few weeks until we transition to Jive.

              FileMaker, Inc.