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Bugs when creating a Runtime

Question asked by intex on Apr 23, 2012
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Bugs when creating a Runtime


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 12, but the bugs 2 and 3 appeared in prior versions too

Operating system version


Description of the issue

Bug 1: In the Build Runtime dialog the input field for five character extensions, which are now possible, is too short. You only see 4 characters. The field has been changed in length on Windows, but not on Mac OS X.

Bug 2: The file FMStrs.dls in the Runtime App, folder "Ressources/English.lproj" and all other languages still gets a protected attribute. Without changing that manually to no protection, you can´t easily delete the app on Mac OS X.

Bug 3: Missing finish
Why does a Runtime still incorporate all the graphical stuff of a full version. There is no layout mode in a runtime, there shouldn´t the graphics for it anymore.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Build a runtime with FMP12 Advanced and look inside the generated app.

Expected result

Bug 1: 5 Character length input field on Mac OS X.

Bug 2: Unprotected FMStr.dls file in language ressources

bug 3: only those graphics in the Runtime ressources, that make sense and are used.

Actual result

see above


Standard Mac and Windows 7 machines