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    Buttons center on page



      Buttons center on page


      FileMaker Pro



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      Windows 7

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      In my lay-out page I have a number of buttons fitting in a portrait A4. When I enter Browse-mode the buttons center on the page i.e. they slide to the right. How to solve this??


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          Go to layout mode and open up the Object Info Pallette. Change the anchors shown so that only the top and left anchors, (the default setting), are selected.

          BTW, you have posted to the part of the forum intended for reporting possible software bugs. If you had posted this question to the FM Pro Forum, (see tab at top of this screen), more people would have looked at your question and you would likely have gotten a response much sooner.

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            Hello PhilModJunk,


            After figuring out how to find the ´Object Info Pallette´ this did the job... Thanks !!

            Sorry about posting this to the wrong forum but I started at the FileMaker Pro forum but I couldn`t find something like Create a new topic, thatswhy I clicked on New Issue on the right.... 

            Thanks again !

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              Ow.. forgot the show the proof ! Here it is.

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                The same link should appear in the same part of the screen but with a different name. Top right in report an issue, it's called "new issue report". In top right in FM Prop Forum, it's called "new forum post".

                If you go to FM Pro Forum and still can't find that link, feel free to capture a screen shot of that screen and upload it here. If you do, please identify the browser you are using. I'll then bring this to modman's attention if necessary. (Modman is the forum moderator...)

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                  I just went to the forum again and clicked on the "FM Pro Forum"-tab. Now there is the "New Forum post"-button on the right which wasn't there the first time.... Strange. But the problem is solved and the forum works.....! Thanks for your positive feedback and help !Smile