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Buttons/Popovers with Images not displaying in Web Direct

Question asked by JeffHenry on Jun 11, 2015
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Buttons/Popovers with Images not displaying in Web Direct


FileMaker Pro


14 32 bit

Operating system version

Windows 7 64 bit

Description of the issue

I have a solution developed in FileMaker 13, hosted previously on a FileMaker Server 13. Since moving to Server 14, when viewing the solution in Web Direct, none of the buttons with images are displaying. These are buttons with images set as their graphic. Attempted to open the solution in Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari, all running the most recent versions.

If I insert an image to the layout and convert it to a button, it displays. Eventually the image becomes broke within Chrome, but it seems consistent with Safari at least as a temporary solution. However, the solution is very complex with buttons and it will be time consuming and could bring about new issues if I go on an convert all the buttons to images. I also need popovers to work and there is no way to make an image a popover.

Converting all my existing icons to be FM14's new button image feature will also be time consuming. I'm looking for an explanation or theory about why the buttons do not display at all. The solution is now developed in FileMaker 14 x32 bit.

If I try creating a new button and set an image to it, it will not display. It is scaled to fit as well, so its not off the page. You can see the outline of the button on the screen, but there is no image. None of the buttons are layered or covered by any other objects.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Create a solution in FileMaker 14.
2. Add a button to the layout.
3. Assign a graphic to the button.
4. Host on FileMaker Server 14
5. View layout in web browser.

Expected result

Icon(image) is display and button is clickable.

Actual result

Button is clickable, no icon(image) is display.

Configuration information

FileMaker 14 32 bit
FileMaker Server 14

Images in buttons are .png


Inserting an image and giving it button properties works, but is poor in design and the images break in chrome after a layout change.