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ç insertions in DBF inports

Question asked by DEHiatt on Aug 15, 2009
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ç insertions in DBF inports

Description of the issue

I have 10 years of records in Lotus Approach and have been converting to FM 10 Pro that I have on my MacBook now. Approach saves records in DBF format and creates not only DBF files but also DBT files for large text memo fields. The fields that are in DBF import correctly into FM 10, but in the DBT field imports,  there is a ç character inserted every 62 to 65 characters. Sometimes the ç takes the place of a space between words, and sometimes the ç is substituted for a letter that was in the text. A lesser problem is that the imported text is double-spaced instead of the single spaced text in the original. Another annoying error is that dashes (-) that I had at the beginning of new lines of text have disappeared in the imported text. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.