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    Calculation Error



      Calculation Error


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      I have an inventory type database and i have a calculation that takes the amount in stock and subtracts the Inventory pull to get the actual amount in stock. The problem is the calculation only works for some of my products not all, and it is driving me crazy...and help???

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          You've posted your question to the section of the forum intended for reporting possible software bugs. Had you posted this question to the FM Pro Forum (See tab at top of screen), you might have received a faster response and from more people.

          Is this a database based on a starter solution? If so, which one? If so, have you modified the original design and how?

          If not, plese describe your solution in detail as we have no way of knowing how your database solution is designed and thus can offer no suggestions on how/why it is failing with some products and not others.

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             Yes I used the Starter solution Invoices and modified it.

            I have a jewelry store and we track customers and their repairs, and the newest thing is purchases, I have entered my inventory in the Products section and I manually enter the "Amount in Stock" and the "QTY in stock" is a calculation of the amount in stock minus the "Inventory Pull" from the invoices page. It is keeping track of some but not all. I have uploaded a picture of the products page.

            I am somewhat new to filemaker and have learned as I go with some experience from a previous job. So any help is appreciated.

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              I'm not a big fan of how this solution manages inventory. It tells you current inventory, but doesn't give you any idea how inventory levels might have changed over time--which can be very important when setting cost effective reorder points for each item in inventory.

              A quick check of the starter solution seems to indicate several possible failure points in its inventory management that may explain your discrepancies.

              Update inventory can be run more than once on the same invoice. I'm not spotting any safeguards that will keep the script from deducting the same items from inventory each time.

              Deleting a line item after updating inventory does not result in updating the inventory count to put that items quantity back into inventory.

              If the Reorder level field is empty, inventory counts are not updated--I assume this is so you can have "non-inventory" items in your catalog.