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Calculation fields fail to refresh in FM11 (works fine in FM10)

Question asked by hi-voltage on Apr 1, 2010
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Calculation fields fail to refresh in FM11 (works fine in FM10)

Description of the issue

FileMaker Product(s) involved:FileMaker Pro 11v1 Advanced

The issue works fine in FMPA 10 

Operating System(s) involved:Mac 10.5.8 

Detailed description of the issue:On an invoice layout, where there's a portal with invoice line items, when changing the quantity or unit price field, then clicking with the mouse on to another field (with data in it) within the portal, the 'Invoice Total' calculation field does not update - even when you commit the record. 

Exact steps to reproduce the issue:
1. Create a database 
2. Create table 'LineItems' with fields: InvoiceID (num), Quantity (num), Description (text), Unit (num), Extension (Calc - Quantity * Unit) 
3. Create 'Invoices' table with field InvoiceID (num - serial number) 
4. Create relationship between Invoices and LineItems via InvoiceNo field - set relationship to allow creation of related records in the LineItems table. 
5. Create a number calculation field in Invoices called 'Total'  with formula: sum(LineItems::Extension)
6. Place LineItems portal on Invoices layout with fields: Quantity, Description, Unit and Extension 
7. Place calculation field Invoices::Total on invoices layout 
8. Create a new record in invoices 
9. Start entering data on a new line in the portal - enter Quantity and Unit (DO NOT enter a description) - then with the mouse click on the empty Description field - notice the 'Invoice::Total' calculation refreshes correctly. NOTE: this works only because the Description field is empty. 
10. Now, on a new line, enter Quantity, Unit and a Description - then with the mouse on the Description field (which has data) - notice the Invoice::Total calc did not refresh. NOTE: this fails only when there's data in the Description field. 
11. Even if you commit the record (i.e. exit the portal), the Invoices::Total calc fails to refresh. But only after step 10.  

1. The issue only occurs in FMP 11 - tested it in FM10 and works fine.
2. The issue only occurs when you use the mouse to navigate to other fields on the portal - using the tab key works fine.
3. The field you navigate to after you enter quantity and unit must be in the portal - but not necessarily on the same line
4. The field you navigate to after you enter quantity and unit can be text or number for it to fail the refresh.
5. The field you navigate to after you enter quantity and unit must contain data for it to fail the refresh - empty fields work fine.
6. After the calculation fails to refresh, committing the record also fails to refresh

Expected Result:Expect the Invoices::Total field to refresh - it works fine when using the tab key - it works fine when navigating to a field with no data - works fine in FileMaker 10 

Actual Result:The Invoices::Total field fails to refresh.

Any workarounds that you have found: Leave the record and come back  - this forces the calculation to refresh