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Calculation formula stored even after specifying to not use a calculation

Question asked by S W on Jul 4, 2010
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Calculation formula stored even after specifying to not use a calculation


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows / Mac

Description of the issue

When defining an auto enter calc or go to layout by calc, then later changing so its no longer a calculation, the original formula remains. 

If a field which this 'unused' calc relied on is deleted, you are warned that the field is still in use (its not) and the calculation will be modified to .

This of course, does not cause any issues, since its not in use.

The only one I can think of is when looking at a DDR you would see "Fields used by this script"

You could be somewhat confused, since the script looks and works as expected, with no easy way to see this

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a table called test
Create a field called Name
Create 2 layouts, layout1 & layout2

Create a new script
Add a Go to layout - choosing layout name by calculation
In the calc field, enter  test::Name
Save the script.

Now edit the script and change the go to layout step, this time selecting a layout rather than using by calculation.

Finally, delete the Name field
You will be warned it is in use, but when viewing the script, its nowhere to be seen. Since the steps are not 'by calculation'

If you do delete it, then produce a DDR Report it will show as

Expected result

The calculation which was entered should be cleared automatically  at some point (i.e when closing the file) since the chosen method is no longer in use, the formula is useless.

Actual result

The calculation originally entered will remain with the file, even thought it is no longer in use or required.

Whilst this can be handy during working on the file, when the file is closed this should be cleaned up.


Clear the calculation before changing to a non-calculated behaviour.