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calculation of mouse age in weeks

Question asked by VictoriaVirador on Dec 2, 2010
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calculation of mouse age in weeks


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I have a database to keep track of my transgenic mice. I have a function that tells me how old they are based on the date of birth. It is important that I know how old they are in order to do my experiments. In previous versions of filemakerpro each time you opened the database, the field in which you calculate the age updated to the current date and thus I got accurate mouse age every time. As I see in Filemaker Pro knowledge database this no longer happens in the version I have version 9.0v3. So there must be a way to do what I want with the current version but I don't know it.

I made a new field of the calculation type with the following calculation age in weeks=(today's date-DOB)/7. I went over the type of field for today's date and for DOB...

It calculates the age on weeks but does not update when I open the database next time. I need to physically change date in each record for it to update; quite a bother.

With my limited programming knowledge, I get lost in all the specifics of how to change the database, any help would be soo welcome