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Question asked by RichardStephenson on Dec 10, 2011
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FileMaker Go


Go_iPad 1.2.4

Operating system version

iOS 5.0.1

Description of the issue

I have a table that calculates the number of gallons of fuel used for each motor home owned. The calculation "If ((GetNthRecord(MotorHomeID; Get(RecordNumber) - 1) = MotorHomeID); (GetNthRecord(NumberOfGallonsToDate; Get(RecordNumber) - 1) + NumberOfGallons); NumberOfGallons)" works well in FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 when the "Do not store calculation results -- recalculate when needed" is set. However, in FileMaker Go, it stops working after about 92 records and does not do the calculation. When I removed the checkmark for "Do not store..." it works on both platforms.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Populate the table with records (fuel purchases).

Expected result

The number of gallons of fuel to date should calculate correctly.  I researched this issue and there is no best practice on how to perform a calculation like this and whether this is supported in FileMaker Go.  I also wanted the flexibility if a user went back and corrected an amount from a prior record, the ongoing calculation would pick it up.  When I removed the checkmark for "Do not store..." in FileMaker Pro Advanced 11, it did not function that way.

Actual result

The prior record (record number 92) calculates correctly, the next record contains a ? in the number of gallons to date field

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message


Removing the checkmark for "Do not store..."  causes it to work.