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calculations based on list of values in charts inconsistent

Question asked by FileKraft on Jul 10, 2011


calculations based on list of values in charts inconsistent


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

maCOS 10.6.8

Description of the issue

my formula to fetch values out of a value list in charts in the charts title calculation filed works as expected - if i use the same formula in the x-asis calculation formula it doesn't work.

Steps to reproduce the problem

place for example this formula into the chart title calculation:

Let (
$index_title = $index_title + 1 ;
$val = GetValue ( $$Type ; $index_title )
] ;

then create a new part underneath with the identical chart - initialize $index_title with "" via conditional formating .. - all works nicely and as expected - if you apply same logic or use $val in chart's horizontal x-axis calculation - it fails and only shows first occurrency's evaluation. (where $$type is set to list ( "a" ; "b" ; "c" ))

Expected result

for each chart it pulls a different value for its title and x-axis ..

Actual result

title work but x-axis always shows one value - doesn't use even after refresh updated values


no workaround possible  - except hard wiring.