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    Calendar Selector Problem



      Calendar Selector Problem


      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      On the iPad when selecting a date from the calendar. If it is todays date, you have to move the dial a fraction in the calendar to have it enter in the field

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Enter field with rotating calendar and try entering todays date.

      Expected result

      You should not have to move the dial to get the date entered correctly

      Actual result

      Must jiggle. Very annoying

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          Hello cinnamon7:

          Thank you for posting.

          FileMaker Go will not place any data into the field until you some interact with the date picker. FileMaker Pro behaves the same way.

          If you are consistently inputting the current date into these fields you could design your database to auto input the current date when a new record is created. You would still have the ability to change the date with the date picker if you wanted. 


          FileMaker Inc.

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            In FileMaker Pro, you do not jiggle the date, you click it and it appears in the field. In Go you have to jiggle the date slightly for it to appear. You should be able to click the date in the wheel and it appears in the field