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Can not get my fields to all look the same!

Question asked by EricJohnson on Apr 17, 2012
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Can not get my fields to all look the same!


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Can not get my fields to all look the same!  I am new at this and I am trying really had but I can not get my field to all look the same in my layout on a tab?  If you take a look at my screen print you will see all of the fields look the same but Social Secruity Number and Martial Status.  Here is the thing all of the other fields are in unform are from the Starter solution DB.  I created the two mentioned above.  However I have using the inspector tool compared the properties of the Fields against each other.  The fields from the Starter DB are all grayed out under appearance in the inspector.  I tried my hardest to mimic this but I can not.  Is there an easy way just to duplicate the setup of the Starter DB fields?  Is there a way to copy over the properties or look or something.  Please forgive me this is my 2cd day with this app.  I think it is awesome but I am stuck.

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