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    Can not see text cursor when using some colors



      Can not see text cursor when using some colors

      Description of the issue

        FileMaker Product(s) involved:FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.0v1 ( didnt test Pro ) Operating System(s) involved:Windows XP Detailed description of the issue:When using certain color for text you can not see the cursor when clicking on it. Exact steps to reproduce the issue:1.  Create a database2.  Enter Layout Mode3.  Place a Text box, Merge Field, Field Label etc on tha layout4.  Change the text color to RBG: 221,221,221 or 238,238,238 ( bottom 2 left grey colors if using 88 color pallette )5.  Click to modify the text to make change to text Expected Result:See the cursor as in previous versions Actual Result:Cursor either extremely hard to see or not shown at all Exact text of any error message(s) that appeared:N/AAny workarounds that you have found:Use prior versions or do not use those colors