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Can paste text in Web Viewer on Windows when it should not be possible

Question asked by MaximePaquette on Mar 12, 2015
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Can paste text in Web Viewer on Windows when it should not be possible


FileMaker Pro


Tested on: FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.0v3, FileMaker Pro Advanced 13.0v5 and runtime made with those

Operating system version

Windows XP for version 11 and Windows 8 for version 13

Description of the issue

If I have some text in the Windows clipboard, if I click somewhere or select something inside a Web Viewer, there's a fraction of a second where I can paste the clipboard content inside the Web Viewer.

If some text was selected in the Web Viewer, it's replaced with what was in the clipboard, if the cursor was in the middle of some text in the Web Viewer, it paste the clipboard where the cursor was.

Only happen on Windows OS.

Annoying when you want to copy some text from a Web Viewer but do a ctrl+v instead of ctrl+c by mistake.

Steps to reproduce the problem

On Windows, in a FileMaker database, add a WebViewer in a layout and set it with some static text, something like: "data:text/html, blablabla some text".

Copy some other text in the clipboard, let say you copied "test" in the clipboard.

In browse mode, the Web Viewer should show: "blablabla some text".

Double click the word "some" in the Web Viewer and paste the clipboard, do it fast.

Now the content of the Web Viewer is: "blablabla test text".

It's the same if I use a HTML file that I have locally on the computer, with a Web Viewer I can paste stuff, if I show the same file from a browser, I can't.

Expected result

We shouldn't be able to paste the clipboard inside a Web Viewer where it's static

Actual result

The clipboard is pasted, if you do it fast.


Use Web Viewer only with Mac OS.